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By focusing on four strategic pillars we contribute to creating an inclusive economy for long-term societal benefits.

We offer a complete package to develop and implement the sustainability strategy at your company. From formulating policies to gathering non-financial date and publishing an integrated report – we guide you step by step along the way with our inclsve tools.

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Getting access to finance is a crucial factor for the success of startups and small companies. We accompany your business to get access to appropriate financing, i.e. financing that fits your company. Our extensive financial expertise permits us to consult companies of all sizes on their financial strategy.

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To manage and monitor a product’s sustainability level from producer to consumer is a complex and challenging task. With our expertise in working with players alongside the value chain, we have developed tools to facilitate the efficient implementation of sustainability standards and to support innovation in the upstream supply chain.

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inclsve means also to empower individuals and groups. We provide professional coaching and workshop sessions to enable the participants to make sustainable, long-term decisions.

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inclsve approach

We are the change agents and enablors for an inclsve and sustainable economy. We believe that the challenge inhibiting sustainability is not the lack of good solutions, but the lack of capabilities to embrace and adopt them.

Our goal is to inspire a positive change in the economy by building on the principle of continuous improvement for long-term solutions.

We bring relevant stakeholders and issues together to develop solutions, set out and implement strategic directions to add value and create impact for our clients.

inclsve projects

An inclusive company culture leads to the long-term success of multinational companies. Our solutions support the efficient integration of an inclusive and sustainable strategy. We support the global digital information and services company Wolters Kluwer in the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Substantial part of this is to engage with stakeholders on sustainability issues, to conduct the company’s Materiality Analysis and to monitor the sustainability performance globally.
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We support governmental organizations to identify relevant stakeholders (no matter how small) and support dialogues for efficient and inclusive regulations and laws
Together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have developed a strategic plan for vegetables in Ghana, resulting in the development of GhanaVeg. GhanaVeg is an online platform uniting all actors in the supply chain to improve productivity in the vegetable sector in Ghana, facilitate more efficient markets and improve the business climate for vegetable production and consumption in Africa.
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We help start-ups and small companies to increase their competitiveness in a fast moving, global economy through our coaching services and by connecting them with the right stakeholders.
In cooperation with AXA Startup Center, we are currently implementing the accelerator program “KitchenPitch”. Alongside a team of experts, we provide trainings and personal coaching with a strong focus on sustainability and strategy.
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Non-governmental organizations need traction and relevant partners to elevate the action for their cause. We support efficient partnership for inclusive and sustainable goals
Among many examples of our work with NGOs, one is our collaboration with Fair & Sustainable. Together, we have launched and still manage the juice csr-platform. The platform helps companies concerning all issues related to the juice supply chain by bringing together all relevant stakeholders.
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walking the talk

We engage globally with different stakeholders to create an inclsve economy. Through our solutions we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals.

Primary SDGs

Secondary SDGs

In our news section we share with you some achievements and some tools and tips on how to transform to an incslve economy. You are also welcome to visit us during our upcoming events.

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we are inclsve

It is our vision to co-create society where Me includes We.

By addressing in the right issues and by brining in the right stakeholders we align long-term value creation for society with short-term benefits.

Ruud Nijs

+31 6 22413774

Roland Waardenburg

+31 6 53254654

Sharon Ng

+65 8113 2738
International Banker and Entrepreneur with vast and in-depth knowledge in Finance and Sustainability.

Ruud is our expert in Corporate Finance, Corporate Advisory and Sustainability Strategy. He is passionate about bringing entrepreneurs in the financial world together and contributing to making people and businesses change for the better. Ruud worked extensively in various projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa (Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa and Ivory Coast). By this, he gained experience in successfully transferring his skills and expertise into a new, international area and can now rely on a strong network of international contacts.
Marketing and Supply Chain expert and triple-P change agent who is sparking and effecting action and engagement in sustainability.

After more than 20 years working in the retail, food service and fast moving and consumer electronics industry at the management and executive level, Roland has found his passion in “making sustainability work” by integrating people, planet and prosperity (triple-P). Working in sourcing countries such as Ghana, South Africa as well as in South-East Asia, Roland has a deep understanding of local challenges and speaks the language of producers and retailers. Through his coaching and consultancy services, he manages to align the sustainability goals along the value chain for continuous improvement
International Banker, rational thinker, enabler

Sharon’s fields of expertise are Financial Services, Operations and Project Management, which she implemented as an international banker across Europe, Asia and Africa. She is passionate about transferring her vast international experience to improve financial literacy in rural areas. Sharon simplifies complex issues and processes to get things done. These skills are the foundation to improve performances in businesses and to create innovative new solutions to make a difference for our clients financially, socially and ecologically.

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