Building inclusive supply chains from farm to fork.


We believe that inclusive and sustainable organizations are better prepared for the challenges facing our society. That is why our goal is to enable all kinds of organizations—from small holders to multi-national corporations—to become inclusive.

We work to achieve this together with our small yet inspirational team of experts. With Roland and Philippe in the lead, our team benefits from its handy mix of sustainability know-how across several sectors. Our experience ranges from working with NGOs to businesses, conducting market search, benchmarking, performing due diligence, measuring & evaluating impact, doing fieldwork, to devising corporate strategy…in Europe and beyond!

Whatever the place or purpose, our raison d’être remains the same: maximizing positive impact. And thanks to our strategic, yet very pragmatic approach (a nod to our belief that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability) we seem to be succeeding!


Our road map to an inclusive economy starts with our four strategic domains, each of which center around empowering the producer in the South.

our domains | inclsve

We provide professional coaching and workshops to enable farmers and cooperatives in the South to make sustainable, long-term, and profitable, decisions.

We support businesses in developing inclusive products and making their entire supply chains sustainable.

We give strategic guidance to both for- and non-profit. organizations on their sustainability strategy.

We coordinate sector level sustainability initiatives.


Over the years, we have collaborated with farmers and farmer organizations, universities, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, as well as small, medium, and large enterprises.

Some of our change-making clients include:

Our Partners

There’s power in partnerships.

To maximize positive impact and ensure a well-rounded strategy, we work with partners as much as possible. Sustenuto and Fair & Sustainable Consulting are two organizations we frequently collaborate with.

Our Team

We are a small but international company, rather diverse in our set-up. We think we are no-nonsense: a philosophy we’re hoping becomes more mainstream as we enter this crucial ‘decade of action’. Regarding our sustainability savviness, we have a good mix of expertise in several areas: from the non-profit to the business sector, from strategy to fieldwork, from marketing to due diligence, from North Europe to Africa.







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We directly contribute to 5 of the 17 SDGs. 

We want to raise the bar this goal:

Not just eliminating poverty but aiming for everyone to earn an income that enables them to eat good meals, send their kids to school, have a decent house, access to medical care and, crucially, to have some fun in life! At least that’s our standard.

With a decent income comes no hunger. With no hunger comes the ability to maintain healthy lifestyles and live life, rather than merely survive it.

Everybody should be able to have a decent job— not some underpaid work, barely lifting them from poverty—but a fulfilling job with a proper work environment and good compensation.

Yes, responsible in every step of the way! With our pragmatic solutions, we help businesses find a solution that fits like a glove all while maximizing impact along the way.

Change doesn’t happen alone!

And inclusive change doesn’t happen without partnering with those that have been historically left out of the dialogue.

That’s why we make sure that the partnerships we form champion equal representation and participation.