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Building inclusive supply chains from farm to fork.


UNIQUE: We have developed a practical and pragmatic approach to guide and support organizations in becoming more inclusive. This methodology is the result of over 20 years of experience from the team. The methodology is built around several building blocks, including benchmarking, due diligence, vision, and strategy development, and facilitating stakeholder dialogue. But fear not, the methodology is flexible and adaptable to the need of the customer (after all, there is no one-size fits all).

TOGETHER: We are inclsve, with a small “i”. That’s for a reason. Whether it’s developing a corporate sustainability strategy, conducting market linkage activities, or coaching cooperatives, we are always collaborating with as many organizations and individuals as possible. Don’t be fooled—we know our fair bit about making the economy more inclusive, but we know that we don’t know it all and certainly can’t achieve it alone. There’s no ‘I’ in incslve…


We support building linkages between the South and North. Working closely with small holders and cooperatives in the South, we can connect their work with relevant businesses, civil society organizations, and governments in the North.

Some of our past and current change-making clients include:

Our Partners

There’s power in partnerships.

To maximize positive impact and ensure a well-rounded strategy, we work with partners as much as possible. Sustenuto and Fair & Sustainable Consulting are two organizations we frequently collaborate with.

  • Sustenuto is a strategic partner for organizations that seek to grow their sustainability efforts. Sustenuto proposes an integrated approach with experienced coaches, a clear methodology, and tangible results.
  • We join forces with Sustenuto on projects where we coach companies in the development and implementation of their sustainability strategies.
  • Fair & Sustainable Consulting specialize in creating sustainable economic opportunities for people in developing countries, offering advice and support on responsible business practices (CSR), value chain development, and program management.
  • We work with Fair & Sustainable on managing the Juice CSR platform, and frequently collaborate with them on our due diligence, and living income and wage projects.


Roland Waardenburg

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Philippe Weiler

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Ruud Nijs

+31 6 22413774

Sharon Ng

+65 8113 2738

After more than 20 years working in the retail, food service and fast moving and consumer electronics industry at the management and executive level, Roland has found his passion in “making sustainability work” by integrating people, planet and prosperity (triple-P).

Working in sourcing countries such as Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa as well as in South-East Asia, Roland has a deep understanding of local challenges and speaks the language of producers and retailers. Through his coaching and consultancy services, he manages to align the sustainability goals along the value chain for continuous improvement.

Philippe has a long and diverse record of working in sustainability. Kickstarting his career at working as a bio-engineer with farmers in El Salvador for the NGO Trias, Philippe later began advising the corporate sector through his years at CSR Europe and WWF. Here, he developed various partnerships with key companies, defining high-standard environmental commitments and improving their environmental and social policies.

More recently, Philippe has been developing and implementing a new sustainability strategy for Lidl and initiated ‘Way To Go’, the Living Income Chocolate Bar, co-designed with the support of inclsve. His hard work is well-recognized: his reports for Lidl have previously received the Award of Best Sustainability Report and in 2020, Philippe was nominated as CSR Professional of the year.

International Banker and Entrepreneur with vast and in-depth knowledge in Finance and Sustainability.

Ruud is our expert in Corporate Finance, Corporate Advisory and Sustainability Strategy. He is passionate about bringing entrepreneurs in the financial world together and contributing to making people and businesses change for the better. Ruud worked extensively in various projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa (Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa and Ivory Coast). By this, he gained experience in successfully transferring his skills and expertise into a new, international area and can now rely on a strong network of international contacts.

Sharon’s fields of expertise are Financial Services, Operations and Project Management, which she implemented as an international banker across Europe, Asia and Africa. She is passionate about transferring her vast international experience to improve financial literacy in rural areas. Sharon simplifies complex issues and processes to get things done. These skills are the foundation to improve performances in businesses and to create innovative new solutions to make a difference for our clients financially, socially, and ecologically.

Sway Leung

+31 6 464 82 388

Christine Allmendiger

+49 157 790 96 284

Kaja Olejniczak

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Lina Große-Schönepauck

+49 157 367 46 222

Sway’s background is in designing and analyzing sustainability-related products, systems, and solutions at different levels of our world (micro-meso-macro). At inclsve, he applies different analytical tools and design-thinking processes to gain insights from a variety of perspectives. Sway’s passion is to take these perspectives and translate them into thought-provoking content to support colleagues internally, as well as in our clients’ sustainability efforts. 

Christine supports companies on Sustainability Data Reporting and external recognition. With a background in International Business Administration and several years of experience working in Finance, Christine strives to guide businesses on maximizing their contribution to a sustainable future. 

Kaja pursued a MSc in Environmental and Social sustainability, specializing in CSR. Kaja is passionate about assessing the governance of complex societal challenges and works on projects that empower marginalized communities and promote fair and sustainable trade. She works closely with Roland on coaching the cocoa and coffee cooperatives and engages in market linkage activities for Rwandan horticultural exporters.

Lina is currently pursuing a MSc in Global Business and Sustainability, where she delves into how businesses can tangibly integrate profitability with societal and environmental prosperity. At inclsve, she assists with sustainability reporting as well as managing and interpreting social and environmental data.


We want to raise the bar this goal:

Not just eliminating poverty but aiming for everyone to earn an income that enables them to eat good meals, send their kids to school, have a decent house, access to medical care and, crucially, to have some fun in life! At least that’s our standard.

inclsve supported Lidl in the design of Way To Go–a Living Income Chocolate bar . With this product, we are helping over 1,000 farmers to move out of extreme poverty by earning a Living Income.

With a decent income comes no hunger. With no hunger comes the ability to maintain healthy lifestyles and ultimately live life, rather than survive it.   

One of the things we did it to initiate the working group with German retailers and GIZ to work on living income & wage, which is now really moving ahead. Check this link



Everybody should be able to have a decent job— not some underpaid work, barely lifting them from poverty—but a fulfilling job with a proper work environment and good compensation

Example: Enabel & Cacao

We work with cocoa farmers to make their work recognized by traders and retailers. Through Enabel, we coach cocoa cooperatives on how to leverage the relevant tools and position themselves competitively in the relevant markets.



Yes, responsible in every step of the way! With our pragmatic solutions, we help businesses find a solution that fits like a glove all while maximizing impact along the way.

Example: Juice CSR

Within Juice CSR we are working to find out the ‘red zones’ in the juice supply chains, be they environmental or social, and work on mitigating them.


Change doesn’t happen alone!

And inclusive change doesn’t happen without partnering with those that have been historically left out of the dialogue.

That’s why we make sure that the partnerships we form champion equal representation and participation.

inclsve initiated the Dutch covenant for the food sector working on living income & wage and climate change.