inclsve solutions

inclsve Solutions

By defining and implementing a sustainable strategy, companies not only achieve long-term societal and environmental benefits but are also more likely to perform better economically and financially. inclsve supports companies of all sizes in the development of a comprehensive inclsve sustainability strategy.

Additional inclsve services are:
    • Integrated Reporting
    • Stakeholder Mangement
    • Sustainable Reporting (Sustainability Data, CDP)
    • Policies (Environmental Policy, Human Rights Policy)
    • SDG Marketing strategy
    •  Value Creation Model (VCM)
Getting access to finance is a crucial factor for the success of startups and small companies. We accompany your business to get access to appropriate financing, i.e. financing that fits your company. Our extensive financial expertise permits us to consult companies of all sizes on their financial strategy.

Our Support:
    • Corporate Finance: Develop and share methods with entrepreneurs to innovate, invest and internationalise faster
    • Financial Inclusion: Assess to finance opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
To manage and monitor a product’s sustainability level from producer to consumer is a complex and challenging task. With our expertise in working with players alongside the value chain, we have developed tools to facilitate the efficient implementation of sustainability standards and to support innovation in the upstream supply chain.

    • Develop strategies to improve sustainability of supply chains
    • Inclusion of all stakeholders (e.g. through development of online platform)
    • Onsite training and project management for sustainable production practises
inclsve means also to empower individuals and groups. We provide professional coaching and workshop sessions to enable the participants to make sustainable, long-term decisions.

In our work as coach of various producer organisations and cooperatives in Asia, West/East Africa and Latin America, we have seen the success of our methodology. We are convinced that a trainer, based on his or her experience in the corporate world, acting as a facilitator who is leveraging the ideas and creativity of the people within the organisation, will enable participants to create new useful knowledge.

Our Support includes:
    • Workshops
    • Simulation Games
    • Coaching

inclsve Projects

Living income and wage

In 2015 inclsve initiated the International Responsible Business Conduct agreement (Voedingsmiddelen Convenant) between Dutch stakeholders within the food industry and retail (government, trade unions, business sector organizations and NGO’s) to work on living wage and climate resilient sourcing. Started the work on living wage with the Dutch retail sector (

In 2018 inclsve together with Fair & Sustainable established the Living Income & Wage Factory for retailers to learn about living income and wage, and to start implementing those concepts. This evolved into work in the cocoa industry, the banana sector, etc.

1. Living Income and Wage Hot Spot Mapping Overall Activity_updated 23.04.1.Pdf
3. Living Income and Wage Hot Spot Mapping Retail Activity_updated 23.04.19.Pdf
3. Living Income and Wage Sustainability Standards Mapping _ Febr 2019.Pdf
4. Living Income and Wage Q&A for Retailers.Pdf
5. Living Income Implementation Model Cocoa for Retailers 2.0.Pdf
6. Case Study Beyond Chocolate Belgium.Pdf

Wolters Kluwer
We support the continuous improvement of Wolters Kluwer’s sustainability strategy by implementing our inclsve solutions.


inclsve collaborates with SNV as project leader in the 4P program of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) of the United Nations in the inclusive finance part. During this program, inclsve trained local consultants on inclusive finance, making companies finance-ready.
inclsve has developed The Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV) for the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). This project assists smallholders to generate more income amongst other issues related to marketing, pesticide usage, labor conditions, etc. Using a myriad of different finance opportunities, small holders are supported to improve family income. Interventions for these topics are outsourced via a tendering process.
inclsve manages the Juice CSR Platform ( to improve the sustainability of juice supply chains. This platform is a vision-driven group offering a space for collaboration and continuous improvement where all sector and supply chain stakeholders are included. The Platform enables stakeholders to work together to find solutions to common CSR-related opportunities, challenges and concerns. Together with the Juice CSR platform, we work to strengthening farmers’ organizations in Thailand, strengthening their position towards the buyers of the big processors. Our special focus is on involving producer groups and business in the pineapple sector in Thailand.
Since 2016, inclsve works with Enabel to develop marketing coaching projects for cooperatives and small farm operations in Tanzania and Vietnam. These coaching projects include training on acquiring finance from national and international institutions.
As member of DieStartmannschaft, a mentoring program of the AXA StartupCenter, inclsve consults and supports start-up companies on strategy, business development and sustainable practices. More precisely, we provide presentations, coaching and business training on sustainability practices in companies. Moreover, we organize and participate in events to drive bringing together start-ups and important stakeholders.